Who is the Health Coach?

About our Dietitians

The Mylan Health Coach is designed and operated by Registered Dietitians, who use their knowledge and skills to promote your good health.

Our Registered Dietitians are just that - dietitians who are registered members with the provincial regulatory board. They are accountable to the standards set out by their provincial regulatory bodies and are committed to ethical practice. 

Only practitioners who have been university educated, specializing in a degree focused on food and nutrition, and have received practical training, are qualified to be a Registered Dietitian. In certain provinces the term nutritionist is also a protected title, meaning they will also have the same credentials. If a title is not protected, an individual will not be required to undergo any specialized training to use it. Click here to see a list of which titles are protected in your province. 

The Mylan Health Coach Dietitians are also backed by years of professional experience in a hospital, healthcare institution, or private practice settings. Our dietitians are accountable for their conduct and the care they provide. They are focused on the clinical care of our members and promoting healthy living through focused nutrition.

Dietitian Profiles